How To Help

Here are some ways you can help Flower City Pickers

Flower City Pickers collects donations on Saturdays from Rochester's Public Market; however, there are many other ways that you can get involved with us.
Please look over these bulletins of ways that you can help and send us an e-mail letting us know what areas you are interested in.
We are a 100% group of volunteers. Remember that YOU really do make the difference!
Thank you ;)

  • Advocate for us (via word of mouth, social media, or any other means-every little bit helps!)
  • Monthly Monday meetings that are open to the public
  • Canvasing/fliering local coffee shops and organizations (supplies provided)
  • Outreaching to new organizations for FCP to benefit (shelters/animal rescues; must use official FCP e-mail)
  • Outreach to schools and institutes to educate about local food waste (must use official FCP e-mail)
  • Graphics and media (fliers, website, etc.-keep it new and fresh!)
  • Pick up banana boxes from local grocery stores to use on Saturdays
  • Social media upkeep (keep it new and fresh! Must use official FCP accounts)
    • Facebook (page & group)
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Tumblr (we would like one)
    • YouTube (edit our video and upload short clips)
    • Radio (outreach and do PSAs)
    • News (outreach and do PSAs)
    • Internet sites (outreach and networking)
    • Blogs (outreach and networking)
    • Forum/discussion boards (outreach and networking)
    • Amazon wish-list (we desperately need one set up!)
    • FCP website
  • E-mail thank you's to volunteers (must use official FCP e-mail)
  • Volunteer Coordinator (reply to new volunteer e-mails/organize volunteers and groups; outreach to groups and organizations to recruit volunteers; must use official FCP e-mail)
  • Shelter Coordinator (coordinate which shelters/organizations FCP benefits each week by calling and e-mailing; must use official FCP e-mail)
  • Distribution Coordinator (build and organize shelter boxes from our sorted A produce; coordinate pick-ups and drivers for deliveries)
  • Sorting Coordinator (coordinate produce being sorted into produce grades A, B, & C)
  • Collections Coordinator (coordinate different areas of the market's collections & donations)
  • Saturdays at Rochester Public Market
    • Canvasing the market advocating FCP (anytime)
    • Setting up tents and tables (12pm-ish)
    • Snacks for volunteers (1pm)
    • Photograph FCP (anytime-camera provided)
    • Sorting produce (1pm-3pm-ish)
    • Delivering shelter boxes to shelters (start 3pm to 3:30pm-ish)
    • Clean up and break down of tents and tables (3pm-ish)
  • Donate supplies (disposable gloves, name tags, trash bags, baby wipes, dry erase markers, etc.-please e-mail us before bringing supplies so we can let you know what we are currently in need of)
  • Donate to us (via donate button on site, cash, or check written to Flower City Pickers; keep in mind your donation(s) is NOT tax deductible-we are not a registered 501(c)(3)
  • Let us know about local grants that we can apply for or help us apply for these grants
Please inform us before volunteering at the market on Saturdays if you or anyone in your group has special needs or restrictions. We want to make sure to be all inclusive and will do our best to accommodate everyone.