Benefit Concert & Dance Party Nov. 7th

Flower City Pickers Benefit Concert and Dance Party on Nov 7th at the Bug Jar.

Come groove to some spectacular band tunes and dance the night away with help from a talented DJ. Nov. 7th at Bug Jar all in show of support for Flower City Pickers-your local secular all inclusive volunteer group who helps reduce food waste at Rochester's Public Market

Us Pickers need help preparing for the winter! We need an indoor space to protect us from the elements (to ensure we can collect and sort our food for local homeless shelters) and upgrade equipment (like walled tents, heating units, and larger wheeled carts/dollies). Funding is SO needed!

Please help and support the hard work of beautiful spirited individuals and share your smiling faces with everyone <3 Weather is continuing to get cold so what better way to warm up than with hugs and dancing!?

Proper Meeting 10/14

It's the second Wednesday of the month-that means, there's a Proper Meeting today for Flower City Pickers. It will be located at Boulder Coffee on Alexander Street off of South Clinton Ave at 5:30pm. Open To All.

Topics to discuss will include:

  • Winter Shelter
  • Meeting With Foodlink
  • Distribution Needs
  • Roles Needing To Be Filled
  • Online Funding Video
  • New Donate Button On Website
  • Whatever You Have To Add

Please come join us and share your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, comments, and heart!

Picnic/Potluck/Free Serve!

The weather is so lovely, let's start the fun early! Time has changed from 6pm to an hour earlier at 5pm. Please label all food and be sure to bring your friends, family, and neighbors! See you soon!

flower city pickers picnic potluck free serve

There will be music, games, and your lovely face!


Flower City Pickers Prepares for Winter



Flower City Pickers is a group comprised entirely of volunteers who redistribute leftover produce from vendors at Rochester's Public Market every Saturday to distribute to homeless shelters, halfway houses, soup kitchens, food pantries, and others in need of fresh food, plus sends unusable food to nearby farms for animal consumption – thus putting a notable dent in potential food waste.


As the group has grown and its efforts expanded, Flower City Pickers is in serious need of support to continue its efforts through the winter. Donations are being accepted via PayPal for operating the 100% volunteer group's expenses. The group's needs list includes a sheltered space equivalent to a ten car garage at or near the Public Market, additional folding tables for sorting, and a box truck or ice cream truck for transportation and deliveries.
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Wednesday 10/7


Like every Wednesday, there is a Flower City Picker's Casual Meeting today at 5:30pm at Boulder Coffee on Alexander. Please come share your feedback, comments, suggestions, and heart! This meeting is open to the public and all are welcomed and encouraged to join in attendance.

Topics today will include:

  • FCP's first picnic for volunteers and vendors this coming up Monday
  • FCP's first radio spot this upcoming Friday
  • RIT's data collection for FCP's produce weight
  • RIT will provide FCP with engineered carts in very near future
  • New volunteer roles and zoning layouts
  • Launching GoFundMe account with to be shot video soon
  • Whatever you have too add!