New Year & One Year!

Just 15 percent less waste could feed 25 million people.

(National Resources Defense Council)

flower city pickers is almost one year old
Did you know that Flower City Pickers is nearly one year old!? Come the end of January 2016, our volunteers collectively have rescued nearly 200,000 pounds of produce from entering the landfills from Rochester's Public Market-THAT'S ONE HECK OF A WAY TO START OFF THE NEW YEAR!

How about let's all agree to try not to be as wasteful this year? Get involved in your community and get to know your neighbors! We're all in this together! <3

Please donate to our cause-our GoFundMe Campaign will be closing soon. Although far from our goal, we appreciate each and every donation and will do our best to utilize every penny to help keep our volunteers safe, warm, and protected so we can continue reducing food waste and feeding those with need.

Be safe tonight and have a wonderful New Year!

Meetings Changed!


Flower City Picker meetings have been changed from weekly to once a month starting in January of 2016. Meetings will be on the second Wednesday of each month held at the same location, Boulder Coffee (Alexander & S. Clinton Ave.). That means, our first meeting of the new year will be January 13thfollowed by February 10th.

Meetings will have objectives and will be outlined the week prior to the meeting and posted on our website and social media pages.

If you or your organization would like to schedule a private meeting to discuss how you can get involved, please email our founder, Khoury, at

FCP Mini Documentary


Mini documentary RIT students Jana Maravi and Dan Beim put together about Flower City Pickers. Watch behind the scenes as our founder Khoury Humphrey explains how and why he started the group.
Get involved at and donate to our campaign


Thanks Jana and Dan for your consideration and involvement with FCP.  Not only did yall make this wonderful video for us to use, but yall also put the cameras down and got involved by volunteering with us. You two are really helping us make a difference! Thanks again!

Did you know?

With an average of 12 volunteers a day, 1 volunteer will feed more than 15 people in just 1 hour of time with Flower City Pickers.

did you know 1 flower city pickers volunteer can feed over 15 people in just 1 hour of volunteer time

Support us by donating today! There is a "donate" button on our left sidebar menu. Also, check out our video and campaign for winter at:

Still in need.

flower city pickers still needs your help

Although we've raised enough funds to find us a cheap bus, we still need more aid for its expenses; such as, insurance, registration, painting, and alterations in order for us to be able to use this bus for our winter shelter needs.

Please consider donating to our cause and get involved in our efforts to help prevent food waste here in Rochester, NY and help those with a need for food by providing them with fresh produce that we rescue.