New Tent-New Needs!

Hello dear volunteers and those with interest!

If you were out last week with us at the Rochester Public Market, you would've noticed we got a new tent! One of our dedicated volunteers found us a nearly brand new, durable canopy tent! It's larger and more sturdy; however, that means that it also takes a little longer to set up. We are in need of some volunteers to help set up the tent prior to when collections start at the market.

our new tent brings new needs

This “First Wave” volunteer shift will be from 12pm-1:30pm with a minimum of 4 volunteers needed. Here is a detailed list of what will be needed:

  1. Reserve parking spaces for collections and distribution area
  2. Shovel and salt FCP volunteer areas
  3. Unload FCP trailer and move equipment and supplies to FCP volunteer area
  4. Setup FCP tent and sides
  5. Setup FCP signage, posters, tables, supplies, boxes, and heating units
  6. Help sort bread collections at 1pm

Second Wave” volunteer shift will start at 1:30pm and go until either 3pm/3:30pm/or 4pm with a minimum of 4 volunteers needed (excluding coordinators and officers). Second Wave volunteers will be responsible for:

  1. Sorting majority of collected produce and donations
  2. Help categorize and organize produce for shelters
  3. Tidy up volunteering area and break down boxes
  4. Move cardboard boxes to compactor, dispose of recycling and trash
  5. Organize and consolidate FCP supplies and equipment before leaving
  6. Re-load FCP trailer with FCP equipment and supplies
  7. (Those who can stay later) Help breakdown FCP tent and load into trailer

We are also in need of just volunteers who can DRIVE food and donations to the shelters and organizations we work with. Our Drivers pick up donations from us at 3pm.

Feel free to sign up for both waves! Let us know if you can take a delivery on your way home.

Flower City Pickers will soon have volunteer forms for everyone to fill out to let us know your availability and interest. For now, please email us at with this information.

Thank you!!!

Become a Trustee or Officer

Flower City Pickers is now forming a Board of Trustee Members and Officers.

We are a secular, all inclusive group of volunteers whose purpose is to locate and salvage viable food resources and distribute them  within the Rochester Emergency Food System to reach and assist those in need, navigating the barriers between waste and want.

For more information about positions, please view the attached PDF document linked below (will open in a new tab).

FCP Trustee and Officer Document

Elections will be held February 7th or 10th at a location to be determined. Flower City Pickers is now one year old and we are wanting to combine the election with a celebration potluck for our volunteers' efforts and growth. E-mail your suggestions to Khoury.

To nominate an individual for any position, two votes in agreement are needed. For example, if you would like to nominate yourself for a position, your own voice would count as one vote, then, you must get another individual to second your nomination counting as the second vote. E-mail your nominations to Khoury. Please make sure to include attached second vote or have them separately email their agreement. Nominations can also be added the same day of the election.

Election will be held by popular opinion. You must be present to vote. All are welcome to participate in the voting process.

Current Nominees


  • President - Khoury
  • Vice President - Charles
  • Secretary/Administrator - Trish, Denise
  • Treasurer - Gloria, Kathleen
  • Collections Coordinator - Scott
  • Media Manager - Hannah Folkerts


  • Distribution Coordinator - Paulie, Paul, Rizwan, Kathleen
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Evan, Trish
  • Shelter Coordinator - Paul, Kathleen
  • Collection Officer - Joseph, Khoury
  • Equipment and Supplies Manager - Scott, Khoury
  • Fundraising and Outreach - Hannah Farley


Board of Trustees Needed

Hello lovely volunteers and those with interest,

It's 2016! That means that Flower City Pickers is one year old and I'm (founder Khoury) getting burnt out. For our endeavor to continue, we desperately need help-from YOU reading this. This group has grown into something that one person cannot carry alone. Please help us organize a board of trustees for our group and develop ways for us to become self sustaining. Come prepared or not prepared. We've got to figure things out! Show us what you have to offer <3

flower city picker's first monthly meeting janurary 13th at 5:30pm located at boulder coffee on alexander and south clinton ave

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