New Page Added!

Hello there, just a quick notification that we have added a new page to our website! The Trustee Page has been created for archival of Board of Trustee meeting notes, as well as, other meeting's notes (to be added at a later time). If you were not present at our open-to-the-public meeting, feel free to review the notes so you know what we are up to.

Send us an email if you would like to get involved in any of the projects we are working on!

Please Stay Home This Saturday!

Flower city pickers decides the weather is too cold for volunteers to come out on saturday 2/13

Due to severe weather conditions, Flower City Pickers will NOT be accepting volunteer help this Saturday 2/13/16 at Rochester's Public Market. This means, there will be no tent set up or any assistance needed for collecting, sorting, or distribution.

But don't worry, Flower City Pickers will still be working behind the scenes this Saturday to help prevent food waste. We have formed a board and have dedicated trustees and officers who will be bundled up for this occasion.

If you are adamant about helping this Saturday, please take this time to network for us and spread the word about what we are doing for our community here in Rochester. You can also donate to our GoFundMe or our website.

We thank you for your thoughts and care. Make sure to check our website for further updates and information. Stay safe and warm!