Our Film

Award Winning Mini-Documentry film Pickers created by Alex Freeman.

Pickers from Alex Freeman on Vimeo.

"The Flower City Pickers work every Saturday at the Rochester Public Market to help divert food "waste" and donate to people in need all across the city. This film gives a glimpse into who they are and what they do. This film was selected as a finalist into the 2017 Fast Forward Film Festival, and ended up winning one of three juried awards in the Adult Category."




Thank you Alex!!!

Friend and committed volunteer of Flower City Picker's, Michael Tomb, also submitted, was accepted, and won in the same festival. He lovingly mentions us in his award-winning film City of Gardens.

City of Gardens from Studio Michaelino on Vimeo.

"City of Gardens is a personal triptych of video essays explaining how "The Garden is with me." First within my life and art, second as a legacy within my city, and third by way of sampling recent learnings and influences on the social relevance of gardening."

Thank you Michael!