About Us

"We do our best to ensure that no food is wasted and that it all goes inside the hungry bellies of people, animals, or our Mother Earth." -Founder of Flower City Pickers

Flower City Pickers of Rochester, NY

Founded by Khoury Humphrey in January of 2015, Flower City Pickers (FCP) is a secular, all inclusive group of volunteers that redistributes leftover and discarded produce from Rochester's Public Market to local homeless shelters, halfway houses, soup kitchens, food pantries, and other organizations with need for food.

Since our start, we have prevented over 300,000 pounds of food from going into the landfills.

Food is sorted into three different FCP food grades-A (astonishing), B (blemished), and C (critter & compost). A-Grade is distributed to homeless shelters and organizations who need produce with a longer shelf life. The B-Grade is distributed among soup kitchens and organizations who can more immediately cook the produce. And C-Grade is distributed among those with livestock for feed or is composted.

Our goal is to feed people, not landfills!

Flower City Pickers also participates in educational events within our greater community to share our knowledge on how individuals and organizations can help prevent food waste and make change.

Watch our award-winning mini-documentry for an inside look at what we do!

Pickers from Alex Freeman on Vimeo.